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Beta-release changes

This page lists significant additions and changes to the funcon definitions and language specifications included in the CBS beta-release, and to how they are presented on this website.

If you notice a problem with browsing the experimental math webpages, please report it as an issue on GitHub. If relevant, include the browser type and version, and a screenshot illustrating the problem.

2021-07-07: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

  • Added redirection from CBS-beta/Unstable-Languages-beta/LangDev-2019#SyntaxName:SYNTAX-NAME to CBS-beta/math/FUnstable-Languages-beta/LangDev-2019/PATH-TO-SYNTAX-DECLARATION/#SyntaxName:SYNTAX-NAME, (and similarly for SemanticsName) to support permanent URLs for declarations in language specifications. (The corresponding redirections for other parts of the CBS-beta collection have not yet been added.)

    2021-07-05: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

    • Added redirection from CBS-beta/Funcons-beta#Name:FUNCON-NAME to CBS-beta/math/Funcons-beta/PATH-TO-FUNCON-DECLARATION/#Name:FUNCON-NAME, to support permanent URLs for funcon declarations

2021-04-22: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

  • Fixed various broken links

2021-04-19: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

  • Updated to use initial version of CBS-LaTeX macro packages for formatting Pretty web pages and PDFs

2021-04-15: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

  • Auto-switching to dark mode replaced by manual toggle buttons (☼ ☽) at top of navigation menu
  • Minimised FOUC when opening larger math pages (mainly affecting Firefox)
  • Internal links relativised

2021-04-06: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

  • Symlinks replaced by inclusions, for building on GitHub Pages
  • Improved automatic switching to dark mode

2021-04-02: CBS-beta (experimental math branch)

  • Formatting enhancements:
    • Developed generation of LaTeX from CBS sources
    • Developed a CBS-LaTeX macro package for general use
    • Added a Pretty version of each Plain web page
    • Added LaTeX sources and PDFs corresponding to the Pretty web pages
    • Using KaTeX for rendering LaTeX on web pages
  • Added automatic switching to dark mode

2021-03-10: Funcons-beta, Unstable-Funcons-beta

  • Adjusted navigation order
  • Added links to sibling (← →) and parent (↑) pages

2021-03-10: CBS-beta

2020-11-02: MiniJava-Syntax

  • Layout corrected

2020-10-31: Languages-beta, Unstable-Languages-beta

  • Regenerated CBS web page sources, adding ancestor fields

2020-10-31: Funcons-beta, Unstable-Funcons-beta

  • Regenerated CBS web page sources, adding ancestor fields

2020-10-31: Unstable-Funcons-beta

  • Added symlink to /Funcons-beta
  • Updated folder names and web page titles to be consistent with Funcons-beta

2020-10-31: Threads

  • Merged explanations

2020-10-30: Funcons-beta, Languages-beta

  • Regenerated CBS web page sources, eliminating grand_parent and nav_order fields

2020-10-30: Storing

  • Added parentheses for premise disambiguation (twice)

2020-10-29: Funcons-beta, Languages-beta

  • Added symlinks from language *-cbs project folders to /Funcons-beta
  • Added .gitignore files to support sub-projects of CBS-beta

2020-10-29: Downloads

  • Guidelines for browsing CBS-beta offline updated

2020-10-26: Funcons-beta

  • Major revision of the overview (no changes to the formal specifications)

2020-10-26: Computations, Values

  • Expanded explanations

2020-10-26: Entities

  • New section

2020-10-26: CBS-beta

2020-07-26: Publications

  • Added a missing 2019 paper

2020-07-26: CBS-beta

2020-07-26: Downloads

  • Guidelines for browsing CBS-beta offline updated

2020-04-14: Funcons-beta, Unstable-Funcons-beta

  • Navigation hierarchy improved

2020-04-11: Languages-beta, Unstable-Languages-beta

  • Superfluous /CBS-beta before end-of-line comments in generated web pages removed

2020-03-23: CBS-beta, Downloads

  • PLanCompS GitHub repository converted to an organisation
  • CBS-beta now a GitHub project (instead of a folder in the PLanCompS project)
  • Downloading guidelines updated

2020-03-17: MiniJava-Syntax

  • Layout corrected

2019-08-18: CBS-beta

  • Global search for funcon names with hyphens now supported.

2019-08-16: CBS-beta

  • Just the Docs updated to 0.2.6.
  • Global search (e.g., for funcon names) now supported.

2019-08-03: Funcon-Reuse

  • Layout changed, table of contents added.

2019-07-15: Funcons-beta, Languages-beta, Unstable-Funcons-beta, Unstable-Languages-beta

  • Nested sidebar navigation links and further breadcrumbs added to many pages.

2019-07-10: Languages-beta, Unstable-Languages-beta

  • Missing links to local funcons reuse indexes added in overview pages.

2019-07-08: Unstable-Funcons-beta

  • Tentative funcons for multithreading and synchronisation added.

2019-07-08: Unstable-Languages-beta

  • Three small example languages added, illustrating language extension with threads.

2019-07-08: Funcons-beta, Languages-beta, Browsing guide

  • HTML pages generated from CBS specifications replaced by Markdown pages.

    The presentation of CBS specifications now shows multi-line comments as running text, with CBS notation displayed as code. This change encourages a more ‘literate’ style of specification, to include extensive comments that motivate and explain the formal specifications.1

    Literate CBS is illustrated in Unstable-Funcons-beta. Extensive comments have yet to be added to the CBS specifications of funcons and languages in the rest of the website.

2019-07-08: CBS-beta

  • Website structure: documentation moved to a new docs folder.

2019-06-30: Computations, Values

  • Overview clarified.

2019-06-11: Downloads

  • Removed the manually-created zip of the site.

2019-06-10: CBS-beta

  • The beta-release review period has been further extended.

    Funcons for threads have now been developed, and are soon to be added. However, the tool support for using CBS still needs significant improvements, and the current specifications will remain open for revision until the IDE for CBS has been released.

2019-06-10: CBS-beta

  • The Jekyll theme used on this website has been updated to Just-the-Docs.

    The navigation in the sidebar is now generated from the Markdown files. The content of the web pages has not been changed.

2018-07-14: Publications

  • added.

2018-11-01: CBS-beta

  • The beta-release review period has been extended to (early) 2019.

    This is partly because funcons for threads and processes have not yet been added to Funcons-beta, partly because of pending improvements to the tool support for use of CBS.

2018-09-14: right-to-left

  • funcon added.

2018-09-07: Funcons-beta, Languages-beta

  • CBS web pages regenerated: hyperlinks corrected (for variable references in rules), confusing tooltips removed.

2018-09-07: Characters

2018-08-26: Browsing

  • folding now applies to sequences of rules, not individual rules.
  • blank lines following a rule are now preserved when it is folded.

2018-08-22: current-value

  • current-value was an alias for structural-assigned, which returns the value of a simple or structured variable by replacing all simple sub-variables in it by their assigned values; current-value(V) is still equivalent to structural-assigned(V) when V is itself a simple variable, but when V is a structured variable, it now simply returns V.

    The only use of current-value(V) in Languages-beta was in the definition of ocaml-light-to-string, which has now been changed to use assigned.

2018-08-17: Downloads

  • added a page about downloading for offline browsing.

2018-08-14: first-n

  • rule corrected.

2018-07-17: MiniJava

  • syntax disambiguation completed.
  • semantics tested with 65 unit tests.

2018-07-16: Browsing guide

  • restructured.

2018-07-15: Browsing guide

  • further clarifications.

2018-07-14: Publications

  • added.

2018-07-14: Browsing guide

  • minor clarifications.

2018-07-12: Languages-beta

2018-07-09: OCaml Light

  1. The well-formedness of CBS specifications is unaffected by the order in which they are presented, so here, literate specification does not require the introduction of a web of macros.