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Clone or download a zip of the current [CBS-beta project site on Github].

Browsing CBS-beta offline

  1. Requirements:

    Ruby: 2.6.5 (Ruby 2.7.0 works, but emits tedious warnings about deprecated code)

    Jekyll: 3.8.7 or 4.x ([jekyll-remote-theme] supports use of Jekyll 4 on GitHub Pages)

  2. Run the following command in a terminal from the root directory of the project:

    bundle install
    bundle exec jekyll serve --no-watch --port 4000 --host localhost
    • The no-watch option suppresses spurious error reports from listen about directory is already being watched, but also disables automatic building when page sources change.

    • The port and host options default to the values shown above.


  3. Open a web browser at http://localhost:4000/CBS-beta/ (the final / is required)

Stop the local server with Control-C when no longer needed.

Color schemes

When browsing these web pages on GitHub, the color scheme can be toggled between a light and a dark scheme, independently of the system/browser preference.

To make the color scheme for local browsing dependent on the system/browser preference, set toggle_auto_mode: true in _config.yml and restart jekyll serve.

The colors used for CBS highlighting in the light and dark schemes can be adjusted by editing the SCSS files in _sass/custom.