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Multisets (bags)

  GT <: ground-values
Built-in Type

multisets(GT) is the type of possibly-empty finite multisets of elements of GT.

Built-in Funcon
  multiset(_:(GT)*) : =>multisets(GT)

Note that multiset(...) is not a constructor operation. The order of argument values is ignored, but duplicates are significant, e.g., multiset(1, 2, 2) is equivalent to multiset(2, 1, 2), but not to multiset(1, 2) or multiset(2, 1).

Built-in Funcon 
  multiset-elements(_:multisets(GT)) : =>(GT)*

For each multiset MS, the sequence of values V* returned by multiset-elements(MS) contains each element of MS the same number of times as MS does. The order of the values in V* is unspecified, and may vary between multisets.

  multiset(multiset-elements(S)) == S
Built-in Funcon
  multiset-occurrences(_:GT, _:multisets(GT)) : =>natural-numbers

multiset-occurrences(GV, MS) returns the number of occurrences of GV in MS.

Built-in Funcon
  multiset-insert(_:GT, _:natural-numbers, _:multisets(GT)) : =>multisets(GT)

multiset-insert(GV, N, MS) returns the multiset that differs from MS by containing N more copies of GV.

Built-in Funcon
  multiset-delete(_:multisets(GT), _:GT, _:natural-numbers) : =>multisets(GT)

multiset-delete(MS, GV, N) removes N copies of V from the multiset MS, or all copies of GV if there are fewer than N in MS.

Built-in Funcon
  is-submultiset(_:multisets(GT), _:multisets(GT)) : =>booleans

is-submultiset(MS1, MS2) tests whether every element of MS1 has equal or fewer occurrences in MS1 than in MS2.