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Languages-beta provides access to the beta-release of five examples of language specifications in CBS, based on the initial collection of funcons in Funcons-beta. Two of those languages (IMP and SIMPLE) have now been extended with concurrency constructs, using tentative new funcons for threads. A further language has been specified to demonstrate co-evolution of a language and its CBS.

The funcons for threads have not yet been fully validated, so they are not included in Funcons-beta. They could be defined locally in a language specification, but reuse in a different language would then entail copying and pasting. To allow their direct reuse in multiple language specifications , they are temporarily provided in a separate library: Unstable-Funcons-beta.

Language specifications using funcons from Unstable-Funcons-beta may need to be updated if changes are made to Unstable-Funcons-beta. No updates to language specifications are needed when funcon definitions are moved from Unstable-Funcons-beta to Funcons-beta. Language specifications can be moved from [Unstable-Languages-beta] to Languages-beta when all the funcons used in them have been validated and moved to Funcons-beta.


IMP++ extends IMP with multithreading and other features. See IMP++ for further details.


The original CBS for SIMPLE omits concurrency constructs, which are added here. See SIMPLE-Threads for further details.


This is a language used for demonstrating extensibility of CBS specifications, presented at LangDev Meetup 2019. See LangDev-2019 for further details.

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